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Batman Vol.1 #567 (Key: 1st App. Cassandra Cain)

Batman Vol.1 #567 (Key: 1st App. Cassandra Cain)

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*First Appearance of Cassandra Cain, Batgirl.

Batgirl followed Batman to Gotham Cemetery where he buried all the people that was killed by Two-Face and his gang on the former Batman territory. She tried to avoid being seen by Batman but when she turned around to leave the place, he told her "I trusted you"; and when she turned again to look at him, Batman was gone.

Barbara Gordon was using a girl as a courier during the events of No Man's Land. In return, she was teaching the girl how to read and speak, in that particular lesson she was learning the word Stop. Commisioner Gordon entered the room to speak with Barbara and the girl left the place. As she was leaving the building she saw a man in a trenchcoat entering the building opposite. The man, an assassin, takes out a sniper rifle and takes aim at Gordon as he leaves Barbara's building. The girl jumps in front of Gordon, stopping the assassin from firing, and accompanying police charge the building in an attempt to catch the assasssin. The police couldn't catch him.

Across town, Batman is having words with Two-Face. With no judge or jury, Batman takes a page from Harvey's book. He flips Two-Face's Coin to decide Two-Face's fate. Batman decides not to look at the coin and warns Harvey not to push his limits again, because they both might lose.

At Barbara's place, James Gordon questioned the girl who saved his life about the man who tried to kill him and she drew a picture -- not of a person, but a symbol. Barbara Gordon recognizes the symbol as the mark of Cain. David Cain the assassin, that is. Through hand gestures, the girl indicates that she is Cain's daughter. James tried to step out of the apartment but the girl didn't allowed him to; she grabbed James' keys from him and locks him, Barbara and detective Montoya in the apartment. Just outside the room stands Cain, with a handgun. He motions for his daughter to step away from the door. She didn't move and he fired around her three times. She leaps at him, slapping the gun from his hand and punches him. She then yells the word "Stop", the same word Barbara was teaching her earlier in the day. Cain cries and approaches his daughter, befuddled that she is talking. James Gordon breaks the door and steps outside and when Cain was grabbbing his guns, his daughter rushes at him and tackles him, knocking both of them out through a window.

Besides being the first appearance of David and Cassandra Cain, this issue marks the first word ever spoken by Cassandra.

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