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Batman Vol.1 #570 (Key: 2nd App Harley Quinn)

Batman Vol.1 #570 (Key: 2nd App Harley Quinn)

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*2nd DCU Appearance Harley Quinn

A new gang was taking control over the Xhosa's territory and both gangs were fighting over it. The Xhosa ran away in fear when they saw who was the leader of the rival gang: it was Joker and he was accompanied by Harley Quinn. Joker told Harley to go and check the main building they had just gained and tell him if she found anything valuable. Meanwhile, Joker stayed in the ground and found a new member to his gang, it was a man named Josh who was an artist. Joker let him in the gang without having second thoughts.

Harley checked the building but everything had been taken from the bottom floor up to the 26th floor. However in the floor 27 she found a nice apartment that haven't been touched and it contained stuff that could be used by Joker. Harley also found a book titled The Code: Laws of L'amour that will make your man marry you. She began reading it and she found out that she has been doing the wrong things to get Joker's attention. She decided to follow the book's rules to see if it worked with Joker.

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