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Batman Vol.1 #572

Batman Vol.1 #572

  • £4.95

Renee Montoya and her brother are being held prisoners at the Court House. The Tally Man opens Renee's cell and tells her that the boss wants to see her. Her brother tries to fight Tally Man, but he is unable to do anything useful.

Tally Man takes Renee to the main chamber where Two-Face is waiting for her with a banquet prepared by Renee's mother. Renee is suspicious of Two-Face's plan but she has no option but to play his game. Two-Face tells her to eat something and that he needs her to do something for him. Renee isn't sure of Two-Face's meaning and then the gangster gives her a uniform that he wants her to wear when he returns to the Court House.

Estimated Condition: VF/NM

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