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Batman Vol.1 #592

Batman Vol.1 #592

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Batman finishes a fall from thirty stories, which he survives using acrobatics and a bat-rope. At the bottom, he changes into his guise as Bruce Wayne and meets with his bodyguard, Sasha Bordeaux, in front of the building. It turns out that Bruce's left shoulder has been dislocated. A nearby paramedic pops it back into place.

Wayne has dinner with Moxon at her parents' place. Later that night Batman discovers that Moxon Global Enterprises is actually a money laundering operation and that Deadshot is planning to kill Sasha's father. While Batman is dealing with another criminal, Deadshot enters the Moxon's and shoots Sasha's father twice in the chest.

Sasha blames Batman for her father's condition, which is not good, but he is still alive, barely. The best prognosis from the doctors is that he will be completely paralyzed.

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