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Batman Vol.1 #608 (1st Jim Lee / Hush Run)

Batman Vol.1 #608 (1st Jim Lee / Hush Run)

  • £15.00

Batman sneaks through an FBI perimeter at the Gotham City Shipyard, using acid to burn the lock off a door despite it being unpredictable, although faster than picking it. Successfully getting into the Shipyard, he takes down the crew guarding the area the four members being, Nails Nathan, Tommy Harper, Carlos Valdez, and Spider Hancock.

After defeating the hired crew with the utmost ease, he discovers Edward Lamont IV, the sole heir to the Lamont Chemical fortune, who had been kidnapped walking home from school two days ago. While attempting to escape with the boy, Killer Croc arrives and attacks Batman, as Bruce had calculated that he would have had two minutes before Croc returned and discovered the boy was missing, being off by exactly eleven seconds.

Estimated Condition: FN/VF (Used)

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