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Batman Vol.1 #609 (Key: 1st App. Hush)

Batman Vol.1 #609 (Key: 1st App. Hush)

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The thugs that witnesses the dark knight's fall surround him and try to take off his mask and when they're unable to do so, they try to kill the man. Oracle asks for any member of the Gotham vigilantes to reach Batman's location since he started an emergency signal on his Utility Belt and he is not responding to her. Huntress screeches to a halt with her motorcycle in the middle of Park Row.
Deploying her battle staff, she launches into the thugs surrounding Batman's body. While beating her opponents back, she maintains radio communication with Oracle, who in turn uses remote control to bring the Batmobile to their location. Huntress loads Batman's unconscious body into the empty vehicle, whereupon it returns to the Batcave. The scene is witnessed by a mysterious man whose head is covered in bandages.
Key: 1st Appearance Hush

Estimated Condition: VF/NM

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