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Batman Vol.1 #635 - (Key: 1st Appearance Jason Todd/Red Hood)

Batman Vol.1 #635 - (Key: 1st Appearance Jason Todd/Red Hood)

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Batman is fighting against a new criminal that wears a biker outfit and a red helmet that covers his entire head. The criminal is highly skilled and has already caused Batman several injuries and wounds. The man cuts through the Utility Belt and the Batsuit using a special blade and he also talks to distract his opponent. Batman grabs the man and tosses him off the edge of the building and after the man stops his fall by stabbing the blade into the building's wall, Batman smashes him with some flying kicks from above.
Both of them fall to the ground and Batman lands on top of the criminal, stating that the battle is over. The criminal replies that the battle is far away from being over and he cuts the cowl of the batsuit, taking it off and leaving Bruce unmasked. The criminal mocks at him and decides to remove his helmet in order to be even and when he does, Bruce can't believe what he sees.


Key: 1st Appearance Jason Todd as Red Hood

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