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Batman Vol.1 #637

Batman Vol.1 #637

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At the Hanover Tower, Black Mask talks to Mister Freeze and explains him that he is not exactly working for him, but instead they are partners in crime. Freeze's cold attitude is reproached by one of Black Mask's thugs and he is instantly killed by Freeze. Black Mask then starts telling Freeze about and important shipment that was supposed to arrive soon and he needs Freeze to make sure that the shipment comes to him. However, David Li informs Black Mask that one of the shipments should have arrived by now and that it seems that there is trouble since their men haven't contacted him yet. Black Mask tells Freeze that there is one special package in that shipment that he wants as it contains the most powerful weapon he could desire – which is soon revealed to be a large crate of Kryptonite.

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