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Batman Vol.1 #638 (Key: Jason Todd revealed as Red Hood)

Batman Vol.1 #638 (Key: Jason Todd revealed as Red Hood)

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Opening narration explains the usefulness and importance of the Kryptonite compared to the various other elements like gold and diamonds and points that Kryptonite is just as unique and important to Earth as is Superman. Focus then switches to Batman and Nightwing, who are searching the warehouse where Amazo was storaged. Using a Bat-Particle Detector, Batman learns that there was a large amount of Kryptonite storaged in that same place.

Meanwhile, Red Hood talks to Black Mask, who tries to convince Red Hood to work for him. Red Hood refuses and instead asks for fifty million dollars in exchange for the Kryptonite shipment he stole from Black Mask. David Li tries to talk Black Mask out of the deal, but the crime lord shuts him up and offers Red Hood fourteen million for the kryptonite and they make a deal. Red Hood tells Black Mask that he would call back with a location for the money exchange. After they finish their conversation, Black Mask talks to Mr. Freeze and tells him to kill Red Hood and recover the kryptonite.
Key: Jason Todd revealed as Red Hood

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