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Batman Vol.1 #641

Batman Vol.1 #641

  • £3.95

Batman is piloting the Batplane towards Gotham City remembering the horrible past of his allies like Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown and Jason Todd. After searching for Onyx's radio signal without success, Batman contacts Alfred and asks him to locate Onyx as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Onyx is being attacked by Red Hood, who stabbed her in the shoulder and gave her a bad injury. Red Hood explains that he can kill her with a single move or he can take the dagger from her shoulder and allow her to run away. He mentions a third option which gives Onyx the chance to join him in his battle, but he was just teasing her. Red Hood removes the dagger from her shoulder and gives Onyx a special garment that stops the bleeding. Then he tries to get Onyx to attack him, but instead, Batman arrives at the scene and confronts Red Hood.

Estimated Condition: FN/VF

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