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Batman Vol.1 #652

Batman Vol.1 #652

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While investigating the apartment of the murdered Ventriloquist, Batman, Robin, and Detective Harvey Bullock discover his dying words, scrawled in grease. The name of a street, Norvick Way. Batman and Robin uncover security camera footage that shows a meeting between The KGBeast, Magpie, The Ventriloquist, and Harvey Dent. A closer look reveals a fifth figure, Orca, the only one of the group besides
Dent not to be murdered. Bullock tells Batman that all four criminals were hired by The Penguin. Later the murder weapon is uncovered, with Harvey Dents prints on it. While Robin stops a jewel heist by The Killer Moth, Batman confronts Dent. Dent is outraged by the accusation, and activates a hidden explosive that blows up his penthouse.

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