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Batman Vol.1 #657

Batman Vol.1 #657

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Batman shows Damian the Batcave, and explains that it will be his new home. Batman offers to train Damian in the fight against crime, but Damian laughs and spurns him. Damian is rude and impertinent, eventually trying to physically fight his father. He explains that his mother Talia never had time for him, and he was mostly raised by the League of Assassins.

Robin returns and tries to shake Damian's hand, but Damian refuses and threatens him. Alfred takes Damian to unpack, and Damian simply swears at him. Tim doubts Bruce's paternity and worries about his own adoption, but Bruce explains this changes nothing between them.

Robin insists that Damian should have to earn Batman's respect like everyone else. He warns Batman that The Spook is back, and he's holding the Mayor hostage in Blackgate Prison, then leaves. Damian throws a temper tantrum, angry that he is forced to stay in Wayne Manor. Batman loses his temper and shouts at Damian, leading him to finally show respect.

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