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Batman Vol.1 #669

Batman Vol.1 #669

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Man-of-Bats is trying in vain to get the Knight to vomit up the bomb placed inside of him. Knight then recounts the final meeting of the Club where his father had alleged that John Mayhew had murdered his fifth wife and framed the actor Mangrove Pierce. The allegation would in turn set a rift between the club and lead to its disbandment.

Standing in front of the charred corpse of Wingman, Batman surmises that the death could have been brought on by Wingman's enemy King Kraken and his deadly electrical rifle. This seems to give even more leverage to the theory that the Club of Heroes is in fact facing off against a Club of Villains put together by the mysterious Black Glove. But something isn't right - Wingman was too good to allow this to happen to him.

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