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Batman Vol.1 Annual #10

Batman Vol.1 Annual #10

  • £4.95

The shareholders of the Wayne Foundation and Wayne Enterprises have been intimidated into selling their stock, giving away their combined shares of the company to a mysterious man. Like this, Bruce Waye loses his company and not even Lucius Fox can help him. As soon as this happens, Alfred has a stroke which leaves him incapacitated at the Gotham General Hospital.

The next day, Wayne Manor is taken repossessed in order to pay Bruce Wayne's debts as all his accounts have been seized. Without money to sustain himself, the Child Welfare Bureau takes away Jason's custody temporarily. The situation couldn't be worse and Batman realizes too late that someone is out to get him. Now penniless and homeless Batman must use just his wits to solve the caper and regain all he's lost.

Estimated Condition: VG/FN (Used)

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