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Bazooka Jules : Bumper Edition

Bazooka Jules : Bumper Edition

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Young Jules is accidentally saddled with a symbiote which allows her to become an adult version of herself, with huge guns and glands. Naturally, she’s pursued by a government sponsored “super-hero” team who look like they crawled out of Clive Barker’s wastepaper basket.

OK, there’s nothing blindingly original there, but it’s accompanied by a crisp art style that’s equal parts Byrne and anime. And Googe brings a jolly attitude to the proceedings (gags at the expense of other top-heavy comic-book heroines and guest appearances by Tank Girl and The Comic Book Guy) and most important, a genuinely likable character. Jules is a right sort, levelheaded and with enough intrinsic self-respect to handle her extreme hormonal imbalance with remarkable good grace. A slick, satisfying mix of laughs and action.

Bumper Edition; Collects #1-2 in Prestige Format; Wraparound cover; ca. 2001

Estimated Condition: NM (New)

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