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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vol.1 #1 - Special Photo Cover

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vol.1 #1 - Special Photo Cover

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For each generation, there is only one Slayer. In this generation, the Slayer is the newest student at Sunnydale High: Buffy Summers. Her experiences at the last school invoked an early retirement from vampire slaying so she could resume a normal teenager’s life. Buffy’s new Watcher, school librarian Rupert Giles, thinks it is no coincidence that she has come to this town. The influx of the undead, and the supernatural occurrences have been building for years.

Although at times she’d rather be on a date, or hanging out with her friends, Buffy nonetheless takes vampire slaying very seriously. Using a combination of mental and physical agility, she is always up for a challenge. Anything from a pool cue to a chair leg becomes a lethal weapon in her capable hands. Being a high school student is occasionally as hard as being a Slayer and Buffy tackles both roles with aplomb.

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