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Catwoman Vol.3 #17

Catwoman Vol.3 #17

  • £4.95

Selina has a dream that she's walking around with Maggie and she's fine. A purse theif nabs Maggie's purse. Selina give chase with Slam but they are unable to stop him before the thief launches himself off a building. Selina wakes up from the dream.

Slam picks up a case where a corporate lawyer's wife has gone missing. He thinks it's somewhat fishy the way he's been hired but he wants to keep himself busy so he doesn't think about Selina. Slam recalls a montage of him and Selina making love and then her taking off early in the morning. He doesn't want to communicate to her directly and just accepts he doesn't know if this is a real relationship with her.

Estimated Condition: FN/VF (used)

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