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Chamber Of Chills #19

Chamber Of Chills #19

  • £7.95

An explorer in the Amazon jungle comes across a group of four-armed aliens who are plotting to eventually conquer Earth. He manages to escape from them, but contracts a disease while leaving the Amazon. While he is resting a nurse is sent to him that the bodyguard suspects of being an alien in disguise. She gets the drop on the bodyguard, but throws suspicion onto the unconscious bodyguard. The explorer doesn't fall for it, however, and asks her to retrieve his briefcase from the closet before the two of them head off the U.N. and brief them of the danger posed by the four-armed men. When the nurse enters the closet, he shoves her in, and locks the door while helping the recovering bodyguard to his feet. They make their way to the car that will take them to the U.N. while the nurse pounds her four fists against the closet door in rage.

*This is a PENCE copy.  The price printed on the cover is 9p.

Estimated Condition: VG (Used) 

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