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Champions Vol.1 #1

Champions Vol.1 #1

  • £25.00

The story opens with Warren (Angel) and Bobby (Iceman) on the campus of UCLA. They both briefly discuss how college life isn't meeting their expectations. They are interrupted rather suddenly when a hole in mid-air expels several green-tinted harpies who demand to know where the goddess Venus is hiding. Bobby, in civilian garb, quickly saves a fellow student from a pummeling by the harpies while Warren changes into his costume. Warren returns in time to assist Iceman, albeit without a mask to hide his identity. Warren declares he is done hiding who he is.

While Iceman and Angel are battling the harpies outside, Natasha (Black Widow) impatiently paces inside UCLA- waiting for her job interview to teach Russian. Her friend Ivan is there and gives her encouragement. He asks if she seeks the job to get her mind off of her relationship with Daredevil. Their conversation is interrupted the same as with Angel and Bobby. A hole opens up and several Amazon women pour out demanding to know the location of Venus. A fight breaks out.

*This is a pence copy.  The price on the cover is 9p.

Estimated Condition: FN/VF (used)

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