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Champions Vol.1 #12

Champions Vol.1 #12

  • £6.95

The Champions join Black Goliath in repelling Stilt-Man. When the villain tries to escape, Goliath chases after him alone while the Champions investigate the package he was after. As Regina Clayborne is explaining why she came to them with it, the Stranger bursts through the wall of their building claiming he's there to save them from the Null-Life Bomb he created. Not remotely trusting him, the Champions fight the Stranger until the Null-Life Bomb begins to expand and engulf Regina and the Stranger. The Champions finally listen to the Stranger's case and offer to help do whaterver is needed to disarm the bomb, so the Stranger teleports them to a place that Hercules recognizes from the time he invaded it, the realm of Kamo Tharn.

*This is a pence copy.  The price on the cover is 12p.

Estimated Condition: FN/VF (used)

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