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Champions Vol.1 #3

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Refusing Pluto's proposal, Hercules fights back against him, Ares, and Hipployta, but Pluto is able to weaken Herc with his touch and gains the upper hand. Black Widow comes up with a plan to have Angel and Ghost Rider distract Pluto while she and Venus carry Herc back through one of the portals and Iceman seals it with a mountain of ice. Having lost track of their quarry, Pluto's group returns to Olympus to confirm their deal with Zeus. Pluto had forged an alliance with other Hell-Lords to strongarm Zeus into allowing the arranged marriage for Hercules and Venus to maintain peace, while secretly he plans to exploit the Olympian law of non-opposition among spouses to keep Herc and Venus out of the impending battle for supremacy over Olympus.

*This is a pence copy.  The price on the cover is 9p.

Estimated Condition: VG/FN (used)

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