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Conqueror - Full Set #1-#9 + 2 specials

Conqueror - Full Set #1-#9 + 2 specials

  • £12.95

This is a FULL SET of the Conqueror Comic, nos 1 - 9
plus the Preview Special, plus Conquerors Universe (one shot)

Conqueror chronicles the adventures of the ship H.M.S. Conqueror and its intrepid crew as it makes its way across the farthest reaches of space. Led by Commander Russell, the crew explores strange planets, aids stranded colonists, and extends a greeting hand to alien races. The adventures tend to star Lieutenant Fl’ff, a feline humanoid who uses her steady nerves, quick thinking, and catlike sixth sense to lead the crew from danger.

This series traces its roots back to 1979, when Martin Lock and Dave Harwood created the first stories for BEM, a relatively obscure British anthology comic. In 1984, the series began in its own right in this title. Unfortunately, the title was plagued by distribution difficulties and had to close up shop after issue #9. A final 1987 special served as an endcap to this amusing space-fantasy series.

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