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Marvelman Special #1

Marvelman Special #1

  • £17.95

"Saturday Morning Pictures"

Two workmen are sent clean up the ruins of the Project Zarathustra bunker and discover mocked up videos of the fictionalised adventures of Marvelman and Big Ben, The Man With No Time for Crime, which they believe are simply harmless entertainment. They also manage to accidentally destroy a two headed skeleton...

The bulk of this issue is comprised of four classic reprints of Mick Anglo, Don Lawrence and Roy Parker Marvelman stories: "The Marvelman Family", "Marvelman and the Dreams", "Young Marvelman and the Moon of Doom" and "Marvelman and the Foam Fanatic", with an all new framing sequence by Alan Moore and Alan Davis. There is also a new story starring Big Ben, by Edgar Henry and Ian Gibson.

    Estimated Condition: FN/VF

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