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Marvel Preview Presents #15 : Star-Lord

Marvel Preview Presents #15 : Star-Lord

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The massive warship of the Haalmhad is targeting a peaceful star system out of paranoia for how their resources would aid their enemies. Star-Lord and Ship sense the destruction of one planet in this system and Ship insists that they stop the Haalmhad before they reach the next one. Ship is especially emotionally invested in the conflict, as she explains her origin as a star that was artificially induced to go supernova by a warship that used her as a bomb to destroy a fleeing enemy fleet, a disaster that took out two primitive inhabited worlds in her system as collateral damage. Ship would just as soon kill all the Haalmhad for their sins, but Peter wants to avoid further killing if at all possible, so he sneaks on board to sabotage their ship. When the Haalmhad attempt to power up, their systems completely short out, rendering the ship dead, but its people alive. Star-Lord and Ship then smugly offer to tow them to the nearest inhabitable world to maroon them.

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    Marvel Preview #15 Star-Lord / B&W. 

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