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Bizarre Adventures #27 : Secret Lives of the X-Men

Bizarre Adventures #27 : Secret Lives of the X-Men

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  • The X-Men are lounging about the mansion enjoying a movie when suddenly an alarm klaxon from Cerebro rings in their ears. Nightcrawler teleports to the computer room and analyzes the data. Cerebro's scan registers exactly one-half of a mutant in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The X-Men fly to Poughkeepsie where they find their old foe, the Vanisher, half-immersed in a Darkforce energy rift. He has been stuck in mid-teleportation ever since his last fateful encounter with the Los Angeles based hero team, the Champions. Nightcrawler tries to pull him out, but the conjoined mixture of incompatible teleportational energy instantly transports them to a strange alien dimension.

Nightcrawler is separated from the Vanisher and stumbles upon a primitive colony of women. The women fall in love with Nightcrawler and proclaim him as their God. While he enjoys their company immensely, he is concerned over the fact that he cannot teleport back home. The women point him in the direction of their oracle, Sehv, claiming that she will be able to aide him in his quest to return to Earth.

The Vanisher meanwhile fully reforms and encounters the same clan of women. They proclaim him as their new god – a position that the Vanisher is more than happy to accept.


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