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Teen Titans Vol.1 #34

Teen Titans Vol.1 #34

  • £5.95

The Titans investigate spooky goings-on on Dog Island, where Donna (Wonder Girl) Troy has been looking after an elderly lady, Miss Wickersham. Through Lilith's mental powers, they learn that Miss Wickersham is actually an ancient witch whose spirit is slowly possessing Donna, who resembles the witch as she looked in her youth.

The Titans must deal with the Jukes brothers, superstitious inhabitants of the island who believe Wonder Girl is a demoness due to her super-strength, and must prevent the unwitting Wonder Girl's total possession before Miss Wickersham finally dies and is reunited with the spirit of her murdered lover.

Estimated Condition: GD/VG (Used) Price stamp on cover, colours muted, worn


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