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The Flash Vol.2 #174 (Key: 1st App. of Tar Pit)

The Flash Vol.2 #174 (Key: 1st App. of Tar Pit)

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Wally and Linda West are moving into their new apartment in downtown Keystone City. As they have dinner with Linda's parents, Wally sees a supervillain on TV at a hockey game. He becomes Flash at super speed and heads to the hockey rink. When he arrives, the villain, called Tar Pit, has roughed up the hockey players and is holding the game trophy. Flash begins fighting Tar Pit, when Captain Cold, who was in the stands watching the game, becomes involved, shooting his freeze gun at Tar Pit. Flash defeats Tar Pit by exploding him into several pieces and he scoops up some of the remains, puts it in a jar and takes it to S.T.A.R. labs for analysis.

Key: 1st Appearance of Tar Pit

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