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The Flash Vol.2 #20

The Flash Vol.2 #20

  • £2.95

Wally West, his mother Mary, and Mason Trollbridge are hanging out at their neighbor's apartment. Mason tells stories of the Clipper. A bum appears in the hallway. Wally gives him a blanket and calls the police. However, when the police arrive, it is to evict everyone in the building for not paying their rent.

Wally calls Chunk, hoping he will let them spend the night, but there is no answer. Their luggage is stolen, and Wally can't find it even at superspeed. All their credit cards are declined when he and his mother try to get something to eat. Wally goes to Mister Gilchrist's home. His landlord tells him that he had nothing to do with the eviction, and gives Wally ten dollars.

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