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Deadpool Vol.1 #27

Deadpool Vol.1 #27

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"It's a Barbarian Bunny--Busty Broad Bonanza in My Brainpan-- And I'm the Only One Invited!"

Featured Characters:

    Deadpool is in another therapy session with Doctor Bong, trying to get to the root of why he's been seeing hallucinations of a woman and a bunch of cartoon rabbits constantly. Doctor Bong realizes that Deadpool needs to work off his aggression and relieve the hallucinations, something he's only ever been able to do when he's fighting with other superhuman individuals. Deadpool heads to Bolivia to speak with his friend Montgomery, and reaches the same conclusion. Deadpool tries to think of a hero who has the skills and endurance to last in a fight with him, and decides to fight Wolverine. The next day, Deadpool and his pilot, Ilaney Brukner, fly to Japan, and Deadpool disguises himself to blend in with the locals. Doctor Bong accompanies them, and notes Deadpool's hostile attitude. Deadpool disguises as a street peddler and finds Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, but Wolverine sees through his disguise and tells him to get lost. Deadpool loses it, and grabs Wolverine's hand, commanding the mutant to stab him with his claws. When Wolverine doesn't comply, he clobbers Kitty, enraging the mutant. Meanwhile, in his home, Alestaire Grunch receives a mysterious letter, and is shocked by what's inside.

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