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Deathstroke The Terminator Vol.1 #1

Deathstroke The Terminator Vol.1 #1

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A mysterious man dressed in a Ravager costume puts Adeline in the hospital and steals a load of plutonium from an armored train she had been paid to protect, then burns down Deathstroke's house in Africa. To find the man, Deathstroke visits her closes known assosciates, and tracks Adeline's last paychecks to find her employers on the train job. While he is questioning the wife of the man who hired Adeline in her house, multiple unknown gunman wait in the hallway closet prepared for an ambush. The man in the Ravager costume, who appears to have a personal vendetta against Deathstroke, gives the Plutonium to his employers, the Quraci military, who plan to use it in a terrorist attack.

Throughout the story, through the medium of his journal, Wintergreen also gives a brief origin story of Deathstroke's life up to that point, including his marriage to Adeline, the experimental anti-truth-serum he was injected with, the death of his son Grant, and his falling out with his family.

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