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Doom Patrol Vol.2 #14 (Key: 1st App. Dorothy Spinner)

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Doom Patrol (Volume 2) began publication in 1987 and continued until 1995 spanning a total of 87 issues, two annuals and a collaborative special edition with the Suicide Squad. The first 18 issues, written by Paul Kupperberg, are traditional superhero fare, while Grant Morrison's run starting with issue #19 introduced a weird, surreal atmosphere that continued until the volume's end. With issue #64, The Doom Patrol became part of the Vertigo family of titles and remained as such until its cancellation.

Key issue: 1st Appearance Dorothy Spinner
*Dorothy Spinner is a member of the Doom Patrol with the ability to bring imaginary beings from her mind into and out of creation.

This title is Suggested for Mature Readers.

Estimated Condition: FN/VF (Used)

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