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Doom Patrol Vol.2 #45

Doom Patrol Vol.2 #45

  • £2.95

From a rooftop, Ernest Franklin watches another man named David Sanchez through the scope of a sniper rifle, angry that Sanchez both has the gall to touch mint-to-near-mint comic books with his fingers while sporting a goatee, and to mouth off about how writer and artist Ron McMurray doesn't understand the elementary rules of grammar. This will not stand. Sanchez' brain is soon splattered over the side of his car, as Ernest Franklin pulls the trigger. Rushing down the steps to the parking lot, Ernest retrieves his ozone-friendly can of shaving cream, removes David's smug little goatee. Ernest Franklin is the Beard Hunter..

This title is Suggested for Mature Readers.

Estimated Condition: FN/VF (used)

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