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Doom Patrol Vol.2 #49

Doom Patrol Vol.2 #49

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Bobby Carmichael wakes from an unusual dream to find that he has no arms, and his only means of interacting with the world is through a strange glove - one he had seen in his dreams - that acts in place of his missing hands. When he uses it, he feels as though everything is love.

At Doom Patrol Headquarters, The Chief examines the void of negative energy that fills Rebis' room, and has done so for two weeks. The Chief determines that whatever they are looking at, it appears to be Rebis, and Rebis appears to be enjoying itself. They decide to leave Rebis to whatever it is doing, cordoning off the door to prevent access. In the meantime, the Justice League is scheduled to move back into the base, and the Chief's only concern is that they leave his lab, his affairs, and Rebis alone.unk.

This title is Suggested for Mature Readers.

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