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Doom Patrol Vol.2 #53

Doom Patrol Vol.2 #53

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As dusk falls on Danny the Street, he sleeps, and he dreams:

On the far edges of the known universe are the supernatural guardians of the planet Earth; the Mighty Mystics. Unfortunately, something big is headed his way, and the Phantom Stranger warns that this threat could be more dangerous than any they have yet faced. As such, he has called the others for help. Among them are Doctor Thirteen, the Multiple Man and Mr. E, the Malleable Medium. Hellblazer explains that a massive aetheric power source is gathering at the threshold of the multidimensions. He suspects that something is waiting to force its way in at its moment of conjunction. They will need further help to deal with it.

This title is Suggested for Mature Readers.

Estimated Condition: FN/VF

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