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Emma Frost : Higher Learning #1

Emma Frost : Higher Learning #1

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Get in on the ground floor as Marvel explores the early life and times of the NEW X-MEN's Emma Frost! Witness the first time her powers manifested and how she blossomed from an innocent teenager into the ruthless woman we know her as today! "HIGHER LEARNING" pt. 1

Emma Frost is a young girl who attends The Show Valley School for Girls in Show Valley, Massachesetts. The school is like a magnet school for girls. She just got her report card from her teacher at the end of school. Emma leaves the classroom where she gets bullied by another girl, she insults her straight B's report card and says the only reason she's in that school is because her father is the 2nd richest man in the world. Emma is picked up by her butler and begins to have headaches as she leaves the campus. The butler takes her home to Boston where her family lives. Emma has to commute a long way to school and back to home because her parents wanted her to live at home and not in the dorms. The family has dinner and Emma reminds her father about a dance, but her father would only allow her to go if she had gotten straight A's. Emma runs up to her room crying. The next day during fencing, Emma passes out and has nose bleeds. She recovers later and talks to her teacher later, she tells him that she is going to the dance. Later Emma gets ready to go to the dance despite what her father said. When she arrived, the girl started insulted Emma again, but Emma was able to read her thoughts and brought up her family problems. The girl jumped Emma and ripped her dress. Emma ran away and went home to find her father yelling at her for going to the dance, getting in a fight, and losing the fight. The next day, after class Emma begins to hear many voices in her head and passes out again with a nose bleed.

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