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Epic Illustrated - August 1984 - #25

Epic Illustrated - August 1984 - #25

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A woman who takes frequent bathes is interrupted by her antagonistic husband who threatens to turn her shower off. She claws his eyes and he stumbles out of the shower striking his head on the sink and killing himself. She is grateful he died in the bathroom as it makes the process of dismembering his body so much easier and she enjoys flushing it straight down the toilet. This story is told very much in the style of the EC horror comics, so you can probably guess that after some time, one day enjoying her bath the decomposed remains of the husband animate and return for revenge upon his wife by bringing her into the septic tank to stay with him. Since she had done a through job of dismembering his body, all that is left of him wraps decayed tendrils of flesh around her body in order to constrict it down through the toilet.

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