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Epic Illustrated - Summer 1980

Epic Illustrated - Summer 1980

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  • "Almuric" is adapted from the novel Almuric by American author Robert E. Howard.
    • Almost all of the other Robert E. Howard adaptations published by Marvel (Conan, Kull, Solomon Kane, etc.) were set on Earth-616. However, there has not been any indication if that is true of the Almuric stories.
  • "Hope's End" is an illustrated poem.
  • "Whis'par" is a chapter of Jim Starlin's Metamorphosis Odyssey, a story which eventually led to the long-running Dreadstar franchise.
    • Tom Orzechowski did Letters on the Metamorphosis Odyssey stories according to the Dynamite Entertainment-Hardcover Dreadstar: The Beginning which was overseen by Jim Starlin himself.
  • "Siegfried and the Dragon" is adapted from the opera Siegfried by German composer Richard Wagner.

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