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Fate #7

Fate #7

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Doctor Fate was one of the casualties of Zero Hour. That crisis in time resulted in severing the mystical trio who comprised Dr. Fate, with the two human parts, Kent and Inza Nelson, aging terribly as a result.

With their life forces ebbing away by the moment, they traveled to the ruined temple in Egypt where the Dr. Fate arcana had returned. But a thief named Jared Stevens got there first, stealing the artifacts then heading back to the U.S. where he planned to fence them. Before he could cash in his ill-gotten gains, however, Fate caught up to him.

Kent and Inza used the last of their powers to locate Stevens and the arcana. They managed to subdue Stevens, but were in turn killed by demons sent by archenemy Kingdom. Then, in a flash of light, the mystical relics of Dr. Fate chose a new champion. Stevens, a former thief, was literally branded…as the new Doctor Fate.

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