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Forbidden Planet - Full Set #1-#4

Forbidden Planet - Full Set #1-#4

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This sale is for the full set, nos #1 - #4

This series is an adaptation of the first modern big-budget science-fiction movie. It’s the year 2200. Twenty years earlier, the spaceship Bellerophon set down on the distant planet Altair-4. They had not been heard from since. A new ship had been sent under Commander J.J. Adams to travel to Altair-4 and check for survivors.

They new ship traveled for over a year to reach Altair-4, but when they finally reached planetary orbit, they received a radio call from the planet warning them not to set down. If they did, their lives would be in danger. Commander Adams ignored this warning and landed the ship. There they met Dr. Morbius, the sole survivor of the original mission; his robotic assistant; and Altaira, his nineteen-year-old daughter. Morbius’ wife and the rest of the Bellerophon crew had perished on the planet, most of them killed by an unseen force. Soon that same force would threaten to destroy them all.

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