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Halloween II : The Blackest Eyes #1

Halloween II : The Blackest Eyes #1

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Condition Estimate: VF/NM 

by Phil Nutman, Daniel Farrands & Various. Michael Myers (a.k.a. The Shape) has been burned, bludgeoned, beaten, stabbed, shot, but you can't kill Evil Incarnate! Or can you?
Tommy Doyle (hero of the best-selling Halloween I: Behind The Mask) believes he can and will finally lay Myers to rest if he can locate the missing Dr. Loomis files. But on Halloween night the powers of evil are at full strength, and now The Shape is laying waste to the town of Haddonfield again, starting with the survivors of his 1978 killing spree.
For Tommy Doyle, time is running out and the body count is on the rise... Also available as a premium edition in which Trent Kaniuga illustrates an eerie cover for the Halloween II. Michael Myers is shown haunting a creepy pumpkin patch?
This haunting cover is merely a teaser of the terror that waits inside! Limited to just 3,000 copies!

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