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House Of Secrets Vol.1 #73

House Of Secrets Vol.1 #73

  • £2.95

Mark Merlin is ambushed at home by an old enemy, the Gargoyle, who shrinks him into another dimensional realm know as "Ra". There, he meets the sorcerer Kranak and his daughter Rimah.

Wanting to return to Earth, Merlin absorbs the rays of a potion provided by Kranak, knowing that his body would die. However, his memories would be reincarnated as "Prince Ra-Man," a young Egyptian sun-god who died accidentally years ago. Successfully, he returns to Earth, but with the body of another, and the memories of Merlin. As Ra-Man, he rescues Elsa from the Gargoyle.

Later, he explains the whole transformation thing to Elsa, telling her that Mark Merlin is dead and that he was his friend, contacted by occult means to come and save her.

Estimated Condition is GD (Very Used) Price stamp on cover, tatty, faded.

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