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House Of Secrets Vol.1 #78

House Of Secrets Vol.1 #78

  • £6.95

Prince Ra-Man: "Lord Leopard"
Playboy Whitney Hargrave challenges Prince Ra-Man to a duel of occult powers. He becomes embarrassed when Ra-Man exposes him as a charlatan. Angered by this, Hargrave orders his assistant Jambo to help him summon the supernatural Lord Leopard. When the creature arrives, his mighty mental powers make Hargrave his servant.

Eclipso: "Monster Eclipso"
Eclipso is again released from the body of Bruce Gordon. The villain makes his way to London where another eclipse is soon scheduled to occur. Bruce Gordon and the Bennett's follow Eclipso, but they don't reach him before the eclipse. Eclipso believes the second eclipse will allow him to remain permanently separated from Gordon, but instead it transforms him into a monster.

Estimated Condition is GD/VG (Used) Price stamp on cover, tatty.

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