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Kamandi: At Earth’s End #1 to #6 (Full Set)

Kamandi: At Earth’s End #1 to #6 (Full Set)

  • £13.50

Full Set of all issues nos #1 to #6

This series draws from the classic Kamandi series by Jack Kirby, albeit with some alterations that make it darker and more violent than before.

As this title begins, the world had been devastated by plague. The few bits of humanity that remained had either stowed away in bunkers, or stayed on the surface, where over time they mutated into subhuman scavengers. Born after the holocaust, Kamandi’s entire childhood had been spent in the bunkers, where he was raised by an old man and “Mother,” an intelligent computer.

On a fateful day, Mother ordered Kamandi to leave the bunker, in order to kill a man who she said would bring about a second holocaust. But when Kamandi stepped outside, he found a world beyond his imagining—and with inhabitants that Mother never warned him about.

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