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Kings Of The Night #1 & #2 - Dark Horse - 1990

Kings Of The Night #1 & #2 - Dark Horse - 1990

  • £6.95

To those that lived in the age of heroes, this would be the future. To those that live here, there is no future. For life is a zombied existence spent toiling in factories and huddled in rations lines -- all under the heel of the mechanical enforcers known as the Bio-Technic Law. That is, until the old man with the crutch emerges from the shadows, choosing mere boys to unearth a forgotten legacy. A power buried for untold years . . . in the Graveyard of Heroes. Enter Johnny Stomp. The Second Story Kid. And Rags Murphy, Man of the Cloth. Together, they will fill the shoes of the greatest heroes to ever walk the earth.


Writer: Jim Krueger
Penciller: Michael Avon Oeming
Cover Artist: Alex Ross

Estimated Condition: VF/NM D

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