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Let's Kill Card Game - Second Edition

Let's Kill Card Game - Second Edition

  • £8.95

Let's Kill, Second Edition at a Glance

  • A morbid card game of stick figure murder for three to five players.
  • Whack victims with weapons and generate the most press in this darkly humorous game.
  • Gleefully gruesome stick figure art and high production values make this game a beautifully bloody addition to your table. 

Bask in the Mayhem: The World of Let's Kill

Grab your weed whacker and sharpen your spork — it's time to play Let's Kill! Play a serial killer bent on making a big media splash with the messiest, most creative kills possible.

In this darkly humorous game, kill Victims such as Claude the Mime in locations like the Taco Restaurant with weapons such as a Goldbergian Contraption. Ridiculous combinations make for good press!


Bring on the Blood: Gameplay Basics

Let's Kill is a deceptively simple game. During their turn, each player draws and places a Victim card, plays a card from their hand, and redraws.

Players can play Weapon cards (to whack Victims), Surprise cards (to surprise any killer with a new twist), or Event cards (to represent media and public responses).

But beware! An unlucky killer just might be caught in a shootout and lose a turn.

Score twenty points with creative killing to win theUndine Studios game!