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Leviathan #1 - Image Comics - 2018 - James Harren Variant Cover

Leviathan #1 - Image Comics - 2018 - James Harren Variant Cover

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Image comics has dropped a new Kaiju book, which looks like it was discovered in an abandoned underground comic book press shop. The Kaiju, simply dubbed the Leviathan, is a draconian beast with some unusual details like gill protectors that look like they are sticking out of the beast’s neck. No arms, just hands.

The story’s plot follows a familiar road. A guy throws a party and runs out of beer. While on the beer run with his friend, his guests summon a monster from hell, as bored party guests do. Leviathan appears, blowing streams of fire from its mouth. The city gets demolished, and there is no hope in sight. What will our hero do? Will he save his girl, Vivian?

The colors pop out at you; the purples, reds, yellows, and oranges color the page like an autumn day.

If you love giant monsters and mass destruction, this book may be just what you need.

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