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Lobo : Blazing Chain Of Love

Lobo : Blazing Chain Of Love

  • £2.95

The infamous Lobo, who last took a job as a skip-tracer at Ramona’s Unisex Hair Salon and Bail Bonds, in the Lobo’s Back series, returns here in this anti-love Story.

It all begins when the thoroughly vile Lobo is sent off to the planet Boinx–11 to retrieve a hooker, wanted on the planet Celib-A/C on a morals charge. Unfortunately for Lobo, said hooker had joined the vast harem of one of that planet’s ruling elite. And, due to three years of impotence on the sultan’s part, the harem is in something of a frenzied state.

So what do you get when you mix Lobo with a thousand or so desperate harem girls? Trouble! And a “Blazing Chain of Love.”

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