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Marvel Spotlight #6 - Star-Lord (Key: Origin of Star-Lord)

Marvel Spotlight #6 - Star-Lord (Key: Origin of Star-Lord)

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Star-Lord returns to the Master of the Sun just as the aliens that killed his mother are about to take him away for crimes against their people. Star-Lord fights the aliens back, but the Master turns down his help and agrees to go with the attackers, revealing himself to be Ragnar, the greatest of their scientists. He leaves his creation, Star-Lord to accomplish the good he hoped to bring to the universe.

Featured Characters:
Previous Star-Lord (Peter Quill) 

Supporting Characters:
Master of the Sun (Main story and flashback)
Ship (Rora) (Main story and flashback)
Meredith Quill (Main story and flashback)
Jason of Sparta (Main story and flashback)

Key: Origin of Star-Lord

Estimated Condition: FN/VF

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