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Marvel Super-Heroes! Presents Ka-Zar #19

Marvel Super-Heroes! Presents Ka-Zar #19

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Disgusted with the "civilized" practice of Fox Hunting, Ka-Zar, back at his ancestral home in England, decides to ruin the "fun" for his brother and his friends as they begin their quest. Ka-Zar and Zabu seek to warn the prey, but in the process, Zabu startles a horse who throws the rider, Vanessa Marlowe, from off its back.

Ka-Zar assists Vanessa but is slapped by his own brother, Edgar, formerly the Plunderer, for causing the injury to Vanessa in the first place. The two argue even through dinner and Vanessa challenges both brothers to act civilized. Edgar appears to agree and takes his brother aside and retells the story of how their father sought out a theorized element with fantastic powers.

He reminds Ka-Zar of how he eventually found that element, known as Anti-Metal, in the Savage Land. Both brothers head to the Savage Land, Edgar to steal the only known supply of Anti-Metal and Kazar to defend it. As they arrive, they discover an alien, Quor, is acting as a god to a race of Lizard Men in order to harvest all of the Anti-Metal for himself. Ka-Zar battles Quor and defeats him and his Lizard Legion.

Vanessa's father, who traveled to the Savage Land with Vanessa, is killed in the battle and with his dying breath scratches a note in the sand that Ka-Zar's father was not evil as The Plunderer had always told him. Edgar sees the note and wipes it out with his foot. Ka-Zar then finds Mr. Marlowe and carries him off, not knowing what he would have had him know.

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