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Marvel's Greatest Comics : Fantastic Four #23

Marvel's Greatest Comics : Fantastic Four #23

  • £12.95

The Baxter Building is rocked by an earthquake, sending the Fantastic Four to cover. After the confusion, Sue finds a newspaper and is upset to see a story about an escaped convict. When Reed tries to press her for answers, she refuses to explain, which troubles Reed. Later, the Fantastic Four, sans Sue, are called out to investigate the disappearance of a city block that vanished into the ground during the earthquake. Little do they know that this block was lowered into the Earth by their old foe, the Mole Man. Tracking the Invisible Girl, the Mole Man locates her on his scanning devices and begins to sink the city block she is on.

Estimated Condition: VG- (Used) (Creases on cover and price stamp, wear on spine and edges, off-white pages.)

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